Leverage assets and boost transport efficiency with real-time visualization and synchronization, route optimization and vehicle management.
ARPA TMS is here to tackle smart scheduling, smart loading, profitability improvement, inbound/outbound management, financial settlement and to integrate your supply chain for better collaboration, so to sharpen your competitiveness.
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Route Optimization
Based on the big data platform and cloud computing technologies, ARPA TMS offers the optimal routes for the delivery orders.
Smart Loading
By optimizing the algorithms regularly, TMS calculates the most reasonable loading plan that raises the loading rate by up to 20%.
Vehicle Management
Using GPS, ARPA TMS tracks the transport status, visualises the real-time transport process so that the vehicle is fully monitored.
Financial Settlement
TMS incorporates the logistic operating system with the financial system, boosting the efficiency for reconciliation and settlement procedures.
We are the best-in-class logistics solution provider
End-to-End Delivery Visualization
TMS utilizes mobile applications and WeChat official accounts to connect suppliers, vendors, drivers and customers for real-time collaboration.
Automatic Settlement to ensure efficiency
TMS provides powerful finance engines to support complex payment demands. The same bill can be generated for suppliers, customers and vendors with one click. Great for cost management for your business.
Smart Scheduling
Cooperating with route optimization, and considering the pre-defined constraints, TMS automatically matches vehicles and plans transport routes to cut down transportation fees.
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