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About ARPA
ARPA Digital Technology Co., Ltd. is the world's leading service provider of digital supply chain solutions, covering the four major fields of procurement, transportation, warehousing, and terminals. It is committed to helping customers optimize the supply chain and improve customer satisfaction. As a one-stop service provider of supply chain solutions, ARPA has created the "Huawei & ARPA Smart Logistics Cloud" that includes 32 SaaS products and 16 supply chain solutions. So far, ARPA has cooperated with over 10,000 company customers, and our expertise in smart loading, route optimization and smart sorting technologies have reached the international leading level. As the largest provider for the Network Freight Platform in China, ARPA is now providing services such as professional logistical solution consultation, customized logistic systems development, and in-person tutorship for operation and management. We thereby guarantee you with customized trouble-free satisfaction.
Peerless Technology
Based on EnzoMesa, it takes big middle stage and small front stage as the framework to realize the fast iteration of front stage application. we created our smart logistics cloud that covers all the scenario AI Solutions.
Enterprise-Scale Solution
With trusted 16 SCM solutions and 32 SaaS products, we take care of your supply chain from end to end and fulfill your expectations.
Hustle-free Service
We provide 7/24 professional customer
service with guaranted trouble-free
Edge-cutting Technologies
In Jinan, Qingdao and Linyi, ARPA has built Research Centers including "One Technology per Enterprise" Provincial Technological Centers, Municipal Key Laboratories and Software Technology Centers. Moreover, ARPA has built an international research team with experts from the United States,Canada and India. Till today, ARPA has obtained one international patent, thirteen national patents and over sixty copyrights. ARPA has the Industry-Academia-Research cooperation in the logistic field with institutes including Shandong University, Beijing Technology and Business University, Shandong Jiaotong University and Linyi University to integrate the power for innovation by boosting the logistics theoretical research, technical development and industrial application.
Honours & Awards
The company has built a research institute and three provincial and municipal Research and Development centers in China, with international Research and Development teams from the United States and India. At present, the company has obtained 1 international patent, 13 national patents and more than 60 copyrights.
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